Monday, March 10, 2008

Just got tired of talking about it

Okay, so I took a longer break than I meant to. I simply got tired of constantly talking about what I was doing while not really seeing any results. Gets irritating.

So the first update is that the thyroid disease seems to be under control. I had my follow up blood work, and it seems that my current level of medication is appropriate. Sadly, I didn't "feel" better as quickly as I had hoped. Took almost 3 months before my hair wasn't falling out and my energy levels are now what I think are "normal" (meaning I can do the dishes without exhausting myself).

I will say that between the holidays, the sedatary by product of the fatigue and the medication, my weight kind of "blossomed" at the end of the year. So it was time to concentrate and stop making excuses.

Luckily, we have a new park down the road from us. Matt and I have been walking practically every day and I'm feeling the benefits of it. We started with just one mile and we're up to 3.

Some of the weight came off right away. Just watching my portions, making better food choices and some moderate activity took off 5 lbs. Then it stopped. Again. I lost 5 lbs in January, and absolutely nothing since. Oh the joy! So while my medication might be helping with some of my symptoms, it still seems that weight loss is going to be a serious struggle for me.

So I'm back to working with FitDay so I can make sure I'm not over eating (which is soooo easy to do) and hopefully that will knock a few more pounds off.

So hopefully I'll be a little better about posting here (but I haven't been blogging much on my other blog either. Maybe I'm just tired of my own voice?)