Wednesday, August 31, 2005

August Challenge Results

Well, today is the last day of August. I had set some goals for myself as part of the Get Fit Challenge and today is the day of reckoning.

First goal was to get to 154 lbs (my lowest number this year). I weighed in this morning at 156 lbs. Geez, that's what I started the month at. At one point I was down to 154.8 lbs. So it's always this constant up and down battle. So I didn't reach my goal, but I know that setting weight loss numbers is always wonky. I'll continue to do it, but I'm not worried that the weight isn't down. The fat percentage is and I feel like I'm back on a more regular routine.

The other focus this month was to add more activity to my day. On top of my big main workout, I was going to add some "micro workouts". Small short activities. Like 20 minutes on the treadmill or bike. I would say this result was a mixed bag. I went thru periods where I was very active, then other periods where I wasn't. So this time I'm going to be more specific about how much and how often I'm going to do these microworkouts.

I will say that I do feel better right now than I did at the beginning of the month. I do think that I'm back on track for weight loss and I do know that I could potentially weight myself tomorrow and get a very different reading. Which is why the scale is evil and why we don't like it.

So here's my September goals. I'm going to increase my Maya workouts to 6 days a week for a minimum of 45 minutes per workout. 3 days a week I will be adding the micro workouts. The micro workouts will be focuced on adding an additional 30 minutes of light activity to my day. Most likely in 15 minute increments.

I do think that those micro workouts are the difference between me losing weight and not losing weight.

I will have house guests coming on Friday for 8 days. This is going to impact my eating and my workouts, but the goal is to try to stay as much on routine as possible. 8 days is a long time to lose and it would be easy to get out of sync.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mixed Bag

Well, as with life, my workouts have been hit or miss. As with life, you get used to it.

I know that I can't push myself 100% every workout, so my goal is to do 2 workouts a week that are past my comfort level. This is the new plan. If I think I can do 10 miles on the bike, I'm now pushing myself to do 15 miles. I did the same thing with the treadmill. If 2 miles is comfortable then I need to do 3. I'm not doing it everyday, but I am trying to raise the bar a bit.

I had a productive weekend. I pushed myself that little extra, and Monday I did a regular workout with out any extras. Then yesterday: nada. I walked, but didn't even bother going a full half mile.

Oh well, one of the things I've learned over the years of doing this is that you can't fix the past, only the future. Beating myself up for something that I did (or in this case didn't do) doesn't help me get motivated. Shake it off and work towards today's goal, not obsess over the yesterdays.

This is easier said and done. I still carry a lot of guilt over the weight gain. First, because it was a re-gain. I knew how hard this was going to be, as I had already gone thru one major weight loss process. So even now I beat myself up for allowing myself to get to be 90 lbs overweight. I still have days of resentment towards myself for having to lose weigh that had already been lost. This isn't healthy and I try to stay positive about how far I've come and motivate myself to keep going.

Saying that, I've learned a lot about myself and what I need to do to keep a healthy lifestyle. I can't stay sedatary and I can't eat what ever I want. I didn't learn that the first time. I think that I'm losing the weight so slowly definitely has a lot of positives. Positives that I forget about when I get frustrated. The fact is that if I lost the weight as quickly as I did the first time, I would've gotten complacent again and chances of it coming back on were high. By doing this slowly over years of making the changes, the changes are sticking. Do I expect some minor flucuaions? yes, just as the weight loss hasn't been a straight arrow down, but rather a jagged line of loss with the occassional set back, I expect that once I hit a healthy weight I'm going to have to work hard to keep that weight within a 3-5 lb range.

So I've learned to brush off bad days better than I used to. So, I guess that means I need to get up and move. Key number one for me: just move!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sans Sodas

So the "no diet soda" rule has been in effect for a couple of weeks now. It's accomplished what I had hoped it would. I'm not nearly as achey and sore as I was. I think it's forcing me to drink more water and the lower sodium has got to be good for me.

I should actually be "sorer" (is that even a word?), as I've bumped up my workout. I'm now doing "micro workouts" a couple of times a day. Nothing hard, just trying to add a little extra movement to my day. Mostly I'm walking at a steady pace (3.0 mph) on the treadmill for 1 mile 2 or 3 times a day in addition to working with Maya.

I've also upped my workouts with Maya. I was pretty much doing 30 min workouts with her (my bare minimum workout time) but I've bumped her up to a min of 45 minutes and trying to do more 1 hour workouts.

My goal for August was to get back down to 154 lbs before the end of the month, and I'm not sure that's going to happen. However, my long term goal is to be below 150 lbs by October and I think this new schedule will help that. I've been trying not to weigh myself too much, as it just has a tendancy of discouraging me (the work to results ratio never seems fair to me). I'm going to wait until the end of the month to see if this new plan is working. If it's not, then it's time to evaluate my food logs again and see where I can make improvements.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday Night

Well, the sunburn is now in that icky scabby stage, but it no longer hurts (it's like having a huge itchy scab all over my body). Saying that, I'm feeling sooooo much better. At least I can sleep!

So to make up for the couple of missed workouts earlier in the week, I spent some time this weekend pushing myself a bit more. Extra workouts have been added (as part of my Get Fit Challenge commitement... I'm trying to increase my workouts, basically doubling how much I do a day). It feels really good to do the extra. I know it's going to pay off.

The Challenge is just what I've been needing. I've been in a lull and just not committed. I had been half assing a lot of my workouts (and as we know, half ass = big ass) and knowing that I have others struggling along makes all the difference! Plus there is a little pressure to fulfill your commitement. I was going to cut Maya short one day, but I had committed to an hour workout, and just couldn't bring myself to only do 45 minutes. What would I tell the other challengers! They've been such great inspiration!

The other thing the Challenge has been great for me is that I've really started mixing up my workouts. Actually, I can probably thank the sunburn for that. I really could only do the treadmill at first. Anything else was just too painful! I always feel more "balanced" when I do a variety things, but I still enjoy doing Yourself!Fitness the most. Quite simply, the time just goes by faster (no matter what I'm watching, 40 minutes on the treadmill is tedious).

So a big thanks to everyone participating in the Challenge! You guys are such a great inspiration!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Well, I've been so busy updating on the Get Fit Challenge, that I've been neglecting this blog!

So the Get Fit Challenge has been a great motivator so far! I like making the daily goals and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I can post that I've achieved them. Just what I needed!

I did weigh in this morning, no change (156 lbs) but I did take quite a few days off from working out this week. I got a really really nasty sunburn on Sunday. Matt had a 2 day race over the weekend, and I went to see him on Sunday. It was overcast and I was cocky, so no sunscreen. I got burnt to a crisp!

Today I'm almost back to normal. I have a few spots that are sore if I touch them, but nothing serious. So I'll get back to my routine today.

Yesterday I did 3 miles on the treadmill. I'm not walking much, and my butt is feeling it. I really do need to keep more variety in my workouts.

I'm now going to be adding some micro workouts thru out the day. I'll continue using Yourself!Fitness as my "big" workout (45 minutes to an hour), but I'm going to add some low intensity workouts on the bike and on the treadmill thru out the day. I'm shooting for 3 15 minute micro workouts a day. I'm soooo sedatary, that any extra movemtent has got to be beneficial.

Friday, August 05, 2005

And Away We Go....

The Get Fit Challenge is under way... it's not too late to join us, by the way.

I set today's goal as a 45 minute workout and no soda. The no soda is getting easier, I must say, but I did have a diet ginger ale yesterday. The workout was tough. It's so hot right now, that's it's hard to motivate and work hard. Even in air conditioning (well, we also don't keep our air at a really cold temp. even with the air on, my workout room is about 80 degrees... so I also put a fan on).

I was ready to pack the workout in after 30 mintues, but realized that I wouldn't make my goal. Damn, this thing actually works!!!

Tomorrow is a tough day for exercise and diet. I know I won't have time to workout, but I'm packing my own lunch. I'm a big fan of controlling what I eat. I know that if I eat out, I never pick the healthiest choice (hence the reuben and fries on Tuesday... but I did only eat half the sandwich... how's that for justification?)

I'll be going to a Knit In and they provide sodas and cookies, we provide a chair our lunch and something to knit on. It's just a big social knitting circle kind of thing. Oh, and I'll probably do a little shopping while I'm there.

So I'm not sure what my goal for tomorrow is going to be... do I think I can handle a day with sodas and cookies????

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Get Fit Challenge

Did a quick page for the Get Fit Challenge. Just pop over to sign up and leave a tag if you have any suggestions. I'll get a button made for us tomorrow!

Get Fit Along?

Okay, this comes from the knitting world. For those that read this that don't read my knitting blog, let me explain.

We do KAL (knit a longs) on projects. That way we support each other, set goals, ask questions, etc for a specific project (usually a specific pattern). I'm hosting one right now to have 2 finished projects by the end of August. We're setting up mini-goals, like a daily list of what we want to accomplish, then we say if we achieved them or not. Some of us (hi Carissa!!!) are finding this very helpful to try to finish up projects.

Now, after a brief discussion on our tagboard, we're thinking of doing the same thing with fitness. Set up a daily commitement (I want to walk 3 miles today or I want to do a 30 minute workout, I want to not drink soda) types of things. I'm not comfortable setting a weight loss number goal, as I find it to be discouraging if you don't meet the goal. I would rather we set up something tangible that "we" have control over. However, I think it's up to the individual to set up the goals that they want... so anyone else interested? I'll set it up just like I do with the KAL's with a list of participants and a tagboard. All you have to do is give your overall goal for one month, then chime in regularly (minimum once a week) with your mini goals and then update them as to whether you accomplished them or not?

Sound like fun???

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Paying The Piper

It never ceases to amaze me that what I did yesterday effects today's workout.

I went out for lunch yesterday. I ate fries and half a reuben sandwich. That's not only a lot of fat, but a lot of salt. I also had an iced tea instead of water. I didn't drink much water all as a matter of fact. So a high fat, high sodium, caffine day isn't really what I want my diet to consist of, but that's the decision I made.

Hey, I'm not going to beat myself up over one day/one meal, etc. However, I'm paying the price today. I'm sluggish, my muscles are sore and achey and I really struggled doing Maya today. I think I'll work on getting some more water in me today then try an other workout (I only did half of my 30 minutes workout with Maya... not good).

It's a shame that something that sounds good, then tastes good can have such an effect the next day. So one day off actually becomes 2 days off (unless I can get myself a little push later). Sadly, I'll have an other high fat meal tonight (not so much the sodium, as I'm cooking), but it's Matt's birthday and he gets to eat any thing he wants (hmmmm... spoonbread, steaks and an ice cream cake. yummy). All the more reason to get that second workout in...