Thursday, April 27, 2006

No News Isn't Always Good News, eh?

So I haven't been doing my Wednesday Weigh Ins (missed 2 weeks). This is never a good sign. It means that I'm not weighing in, and that's dangerous. That's how the weight creeps back up.

Let's see what happened since my last post. Hmmm, I turned a year older... getting me one year closer to that 40 landmark (I want to be at my goal weight by 40... giving me a 100 lb weight loss over 10 years). I started a handful of new knitting projects and may have even bought some yarn. Okay, I bought a lot of yarn. I think I like buying yarn better than knitting.

It's about Optimism. Potential. Creativity. There's something very positive about new yarn. I see so much that I can do with that colorful piece of string. It never ceases to amaze me.

I'm trying to stay focused on positives in my life, and that's always been a struggle with me. My low self esteem rears it's ugly head at times that surprise me and sort of throws me for a loop. This is one of those weeks. The self doubt starts to creep back into my psychie and I don't want it there.

I've made some fabulous friends thru my knitting group and we celebrated the April birthdays, so I didn't have my usual pity party for myself on my birthday this year. Matt made a special day for me as well, and we had a lovely dinner with friends in celebration. So it fell into one of the best birthdays I've celebrated. Thoughtful friends, gifts and energy. It's so very very much appreciated.

So maybe my bad mood this week is just the let down of a great week last week? Some weird things happened this week and it might have triggered the bad mood.

So I'm not tracking my food. I had planned on taking some time off from tracking for the week of my birthday anyway, but I haven't gotten back on track again. The workouts have become very sporatic... and when I did my Tuesday upper body workout with Yourself!Fitness it was grueling! (I may have mentioned this once or twice in the past: I hate %$^#^%$ lunges!!!!!)

So a refocus is in order. My doctor's office didn't call with my cholestrol numbers, and quite frankly, that's good. I could call to find out, but I'm in range, or they would've called. I do need to stay focused. My cholesterol is something I'm going to have to monitor my entire life, and just because I'm within a healthy range, doesn't mean I can abruptly stop paying attention to what and how much I'm eating.

This weekend Matt has a 2 day race. Saturday is the road race, then on Sunday he'll have a mountain time trial in the morning, then a criterium in the afternoon. He actually has a pretty decent chance of a high finish on the time trial. Here's a profile of the course (click to for a larger view):
Hmmm, it's called "Pain Mountain Time Trial". Glad I'm not doing it!!!
I might try to go on Sunday. It's a long day, but it's always fun to watch him race.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday Weigh In

Well, it's supposed to be Wednesday Weigh In, but I completely forgot to weigh in this morning, as I had to run in to my doctor's office first thing this morning for my lab work.

I did have my doctor check my weight history and the hightest I ever weighed in was 211 lbs. I know I hit higher than that, but we'll use that as an "official" starting weight.

I weighed in at the doctor's office at 153 lbs. I had really wanted to be below 150 lbs, but since I had to wear clothes, I guess that was a bit unrealistic. However, I'm going to shoot for 140ish for next year's visit.

The biggest concern is always my cholesterol numbers. I've relaxed a bit with my diet (not with the calories, but with the cholesterol focus) so I'm hoping that I didn't blow my numbers over the last year. We'll see. It's always a motivating factor for me.

Actually, I've always been more focused about the weight loss/exercise when I'm worried about my health. The vanity thing just isn't a factor for me. I guess because I know that I'm still the same person at this weight than I was 125 lbs or 211 lbs that I never really thought about how other people viewed me at what ever weight I was. Finding clothes to fit became a problem (hey, it still is... mass produced clothing fits very few people "right") and that was a bit of a wake up call. However, it's always been some kind of health related issue that has made me realize that I needed to eat healthier and to do regular workouts. Whether it was my cholestrol numbers, family history or even the beginnings of high blood pressure, I felt more responsible when it came to my health.

So hopefully my numbers will come back in a healthy range. I know that the cholesterol will be a life long challenge: something I've always got to be aware of with my food choices. The main reason I workout.

Monday, April 10, 2006

One Step At A Time

I've been sort of lacking on posting between weigh ins. However, I really want this blog to be about the journey, just not the weight.

Anyway, I hit a milestone today. I don't like running. I'm not even sure what I do can be called "running". It's more a jog, or actually a bouncing walk.

I've been trying to increase my walking on the treadmill to include more jogging with my current goal of being able to jog an entire mile. I started slowly, increasing my distance slow and steady. I've been able to do a little better than one lap for a while now, but today was the first I've done 2 laps (1/2 mile) all at once. I had done a half mile before, but only with a little walk break between laps.

While I don't ever expect that I'll become a "jogger", there is something so very efficient about it. I can very rapidly raise my heart rate. I can burn a lot of calories very quickly. I guess part of it is also mental. I feel like I'm an active person if I can jog at least one mile. I think it will prove to me that I am more physically fit now than ever before.

Also, after much rescheduling, I'm finally getting to the doctor's tomorrow. I went and had my mamogram on Friday (and it was very very easy... much less uncomfortable than I expected). Fingers crossed, I'll weigh in on their scale less than 150 lbs! I'll post weight results tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday Weigh In


Starting weight: 214 lbs
Last week weight: 151.6
Today's weight: 149.6 lbs

let me say "woo-hoo!" again.


So the 150 lb plateau has been broken. Let's hope the 140 lbs platuea is shorter lived!