Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ya, remember how I said it wasn't about the weight?

Well, I did weigh myself this morning. And it's bad... very bad. While I'm trying to focus on just being more active and getting back into the routine of daily workouts, the weight is high enough to be a concern.

It's not a "vanity" thing, but I know that extra weight has an impact on some of my health concerns, and I'm officially concerned. I know that my cholesterol is probably not good again and that does not make me happy... especially as I know that my hormones are changing. My health risks will sky rocket post menopause and I need to keep that cholesterol with in a healthy range.

I'm only working with Yourself!Fitness for 30 minutes a day, and I'm still struggling a bit keeping up for that length of time. I, however, need more cardio than 30 minutes a day... so I'm going to have to do 2 a days... at least a couple of times a week.

I'm also going to cheat by using a packaged diet meal plan. Part of me is completely rebelling against it... as I'm egotistic enough to want to do it on my own, but right now, I want to get rid of 5 lbs ASAP. So I'll give this a try. I need some positive reinforcement with this whole process... as I haven't been very sucessful lately.

So hopefully a packaged meal plan and regular workouts will jumpstart me back to where I need to be... and that's ultimately the goal. Getting back on track!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Almost 2 Weeks Later

So I've been back working with Yourself!Fitness and Maya has been kicking my butt.

And dammit, I feel better. My mood is better, I feel more engergized (even tho', in fact I'm not... I'm actually quite physically tired).

The thing that amazed me was how quickly I got over the New Soreness.. you know that really painful stiffness and soreness you get when you first start working out? Well, I had that, but only for the first two days and now I'm back to the general soreness that you get from regular workouts. The body remembers how to do this... even if you try to block all memory of it!

Right now I'm not worrying about any weight loss at all. I've got to get past the "ideal weight goal" and remember why I'm doing this. My motivation Can Not Be Weight Loss only. I doom myself to failure, as I will hit an other plateau and get annoyed.

I need to remember that being active is the goal. Eating healthy is the goal and I'm not even weighing myself. I'm setting up goals of "I'll workout this long this many times this week" and that's it.

Right now it's enough, but I've got to start thinking about what I can do to keep myself on a schedule... working out on a regular basis... even when I get bored, tired or frustrated... that's always the problem.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

What I've Been Up To

So nothing since March, eh? That doesn't bode well does it.

I have to say that the plateau finally beat me. I gave up. It was frustating me, putting me in a constant bad mood and I just couldn't keep myself motivated. Even as I knew weight was creeping back on, that I was back to a 10 lb gain and the "firmness" was disappearing, I just couldn't shake the feelings of uselessness at all the sacrifice.

Then something odd happened... I didn't have my Xbox for a couple of weeks. We loaned it to a friend and I didn't think it was that big a deal. I was using my PS2 more for gaming and doing the occassional walk on the treadmill. All of a sudden, not having Maya available made me miss her...

So my Xbox is back, and Maya and I have spent the week together. I continue to try to find an other workout that I can consistantly workout to, and it's always back with Maya. I do think I need a break from her occassionally, but as an overall workout that keeps me motivated, I just haven't found anything else.

I also found out that a new Yourself!Fitness is expected for the next gen consoles for the upcoming holiday season. As is HALO 3... hmmm, maybe I will need to invest in a 360?

Hopefully I'll be a little better at keeping this blog updated. While I do this blog for me (and keeping a diary of all my ups and downs has been very beneficial to me) it's still very encouraging to know other people are out there going thru the same thing!