Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The New Healthy Me!

Well I finally called my doctor's office and the nurse called back with my results. I couldn't feel prouder of myself!

All my numbers are with in a healthy range.

My overall cholesterol went from 243 to 194. My LDL's went from 141 to 99!!! The HDL's went from 71 to 66, and that needs some work (actually don't want a drop on that one) and my triglycerites dropped a bit from 146 to 143.

I'm going to say that I'm very pleased. It's frustrating to not lose weight as fast as I would like, but the weight is only part of a much larger equation. The fact that my cholesterol become a problem while I was losing weight shows that there isn't just one part of being healthy that you can afford to concentrate on. It's the big picture. It's about eating healthy well balanced (and sensible) food and getting enough exersice. More exercise than you think you need.

Today's Positive Comment:
Well, duh, I believe that would be the 50 point drop in my cholesterol in 6 months!!!