Monday, June 05, 2006

Brace Me

I'm going to try a slightly different schedule with my fitness blog. I've been doing it about the same time I do my knitting blog, which is no where near my workout. So I'm either trying to remember what I wanted to say from my previous day's workout or what I'm planning on doing that day. Instead, I'm going to try to update after my workout.

The temperature may have dropped to cooler tempertures, but the humidity certainly hasn't improved. Makes for a hot and sweaty workout.

It also makes my knee hurt. I'm not sure why, but I have a terrible time with humidity and my knee (scar tissue, perhaps?). Today was treadmill day and I was all ready to run. As I was doing my warmup and slowly increasing to my jogging speed, I started getting sharp pains. Sigh. Matt and I had had a conversaton after my last jogging session about a knee brace. Okay, so I did around and find one... however, it didn't fit. Long story short, I ended up just walking.

I still had a good workout, but I'm getting really discouraged about the jogging. There's a part of my brain that says "you aren't built to jog, give it up and just keep with the stuff you can do. don't hurt yourself" an other part of my brain says "you can do it! it'll just take more work for you to get to those goals. Goals are good and keep you interested in your workout"

So I'm still split on how smart the whole jogging thing is. It's purely psychological: I'm afraid of hurting my knee yet again, yet an other part of me sees that jogging is an indication of a healthy fitness level.

Still won't get me to do jumping jacks, tho!